TOYOTA TUNDRA OEM Integrated Tailgate Handle Rear-View Camera


This OEM Integrated TOYOTA Rear-View Tailgate Handle Backup Camera is designed for TOYOTA TUNDRA models. The Camera can be integrated to a factory built-in car monitor or paired with one of the OEM style Rear-View Mirror LCD Systems.

Extended Warranty * 

Add up to 3 total years of warranty.


TOYOTA OEM Integrated Tailgate Handle Rear-View Camera

The TTUTGHC is designed especially for TOYOTA TUNDRA models as a factory parking and rear-view assist upgrade. The OEM Integrated Camera replaces and mounts within the tailgate handle of the trunk through a simple installation that provides a wide field of vision and a colorful high definition image.


TOYOTA OEM Integrated Tailgate Handle Rear-View Camera COMPATIBILITY

  TOYOTA Model   Model Year
Tundra 2008-2014




TOYOTA OEM Integrated Tailgate Handle Rear-View Camera FEATURES



Tailgate Handle Camera fitment  
Flush Mount Camera
Vivid Color High Resolution 
170° Wide Angle View 
Parking Guide Lines (can be turned on/off)
Waterproof Ip68
Simple Installation 
No drilling or cutting wires required



155° Off Axis View Cone

IP69K Waterproof Certified (Can Handle Direct High Pressure Spray and Not Leak)

UV Protected and Waterproof Cabling

0.1 LUX Rating for Optimal Low-light Performance

32° to 160° Temp Performance Rating

Quick Connect/Disconnect

Optional Parking Lines ON/OFF

Optional Mirror Image ON/OFF

Water Deterrent Gasket (Provided for Sealed Mount to Vehicle Surface)


TOYOTA OEM Integrated Tailgate Handle Rear-View Camera PACKAGE CONTENT



    • TUNDRA Tailgate Handle Camera – Black
    • Power/Ground harness cable
    • 40FT Video cable
    • Installation Instructions
    • Owners Manual/Warranty Card





Note! Camera is not meant for constant connection to car’s electrical system. Power supply should be organized in such a way that the camera switches on only when it is necessary (e.g. when reversing). 


Additional information

Weight 3.0000 lbs