BMW 3-SERIES / M3 OEM Integrated Backup Camera System


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This OEM  Integrated FC-CCC/CIC/NBT/EVO Rear-View Backup Camera System fits all 2007-2019 + 3-Series models with or without navigation. The video interface connects through a simple plug and play OEM Integrated LVDS connection to the factory screen and the system includes our flush mount camera. You can upgrade to our 106S 360 camera or Tailgate Handle Camera under options.

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Vehicle Year & Command System * 

Select your vehicle command system.

Camera Option * 

Choose which backup camera you’d like for your vehicle.

Front Camera Add-On

Add a front camera that will directly plug onto the system.

Screen Mirroring Add-On

Add a screen mirroring device to mirror your phones screen onto your vehicles screen.

Extended Warranty * 

Add up to 3 total years of warranty.

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BMW 3-Series / M3 OEM Integrated Backup Camera System

The FC-CCC/CIC/NBT/EVO systems package is a high definition rear view camera and video integration module for your vehicle with or without Navigation. The video interface connects through a simple plug and play OEM Integrated LVDS connection to the factory screen. The FC-CCC/CIC/NBT/EVO Interface Module has a dedicated rear view camera input that will automatically trigger when in reverse and revert back when in park or drive all using your OEM screen to display the backup camera feed. Along with a dedicated rear camera input, the FC-CCC/CIC/NBT/EVO system also has 3 additional AV inputs should you decide to add a front camera (manual trigger or automatic trigger), DVD Player, TV Tuner or any external video source with AV inputs. This system is an OEM integration package that maintains your factory set up while upgrading your vehicle with full Multimedia Video Integration. Once installed, the system is ready for use without any dealer activation or coding required.

System Highlight Notes*

    • 2007 – 2012 Video Interface Module contains PIP (Picture in Picture) function
    • 2013 – 2017 Video Interface Module contains (Dynamic Parking Lines) – Parking Assistance System

Dynamic Parking Lines Shown (2012 + models)

BMW 3-Series / M3 System Compatibility



   Model   Model Year Interface System
3-Series / M3 2007-2008 CCC
3-Series / M3 2009-2012 CIC
3-Series / M3

3-Series / M3


2017.5 +





   If your BMW is 2017.5 or newer, you'll need to select the option that reads NBT 2 EVO for the compatible module system.

Please refer to the pictures above to confirm you radio command system.


BMW 3-Series / M3 Interface Module Features




    • Plug & Play installation by LVDS cable
    • 1 x Dedicated Rear-View Camera input
    • 3 x A/V Inputs
    • 1 x LCD input



    • 3 x Audio output
    • 1 x LCD output
    • Factory button function & provided remote control



    • Input power : 8V DC – 24V DC
    • Consumption : 12W, Max


Board dimension

    • 130mm x 105mm x 22mm

BMW 3-Series / M3 Flush Mount Backup Camera Features



    • OEM Style Backup Camera
    • Vivid Color High Resolution
    • 170° Wide Angle View
    • Parking Guide Lines Option (ON / OFF)
    • Waterproof Ip68
    • Shockproof
    • Simple Installation



155° Off Axis View Cone
IP69K Waterproof Certified (Can Handle Direct High Pressure Spray and Not Leak)
UV Protected and Waterproof Cabling
0.1 LUX Rating for Optimal Low-light Performance
32° to 160° Temp Performance Rating
Quick Connect/Disconnect
Optional Parking Lines ON/OFF
Optional Mirror Image ON/OFF
Water Deterrent Gasket (Provided for Sealed Mount to Vehicle Surface)



BMW 3-Series / M3 Integrated Backup Camera System Package Content

    • BMW Video Interface Module
    • Remote Control
    • IR Cable
    • Mode Cable (Toggle Switch)
    • Power Cable with Protective Filter
    • LCD Out Cable
    • AV Harness
    • OEM Style Flush Mount Backup Camera
    • 30 Ft. RCA Extension Cable (Extension Power Leads)
    • Camera Power/Ground Harness
    • Camera Washer & Screw Set
    • Waterproof Adhesive Tape
    • Installation Instructions



Please note package content may differ depending on vehicle year and camera option.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in



5 reviews for BMW 3-SERIES / M3 OEM Integrated Backup Camera System

  1. Brent B.

    I got this for my wife’s 2014 BMW 328i and didn’t really know what to expect. I took it to my local Best Buy where the Geek Squad guys got it installed for just $150 and it took them maybe 3 hours total. Overall, I am very happy with this system. I got the upgraded tailgate handle camera which fits nicely and everything works just like a 3-series with backup camera standard from the dealer. I have the audible parking sensors and this system integrated with that to show my sensors on 1/3 of the screen and the video of my backup camera on 2/3 of the screen which was pretty cool. I even got the parking guidelines that move with the steering wheel which I had no idea this would give me.

    Thanks guys!

  2. Justin

    I was led to believe that BMWdoesn’t have aftermarket backup camera systems that I could install on my car. After searching the web I found these guys which had a promotion at the time so I thought I’d give it a shot. I did the install myself and although the instructions were a bit difficult to figure out, the system itself works amazing!

  3. Mikey

    I went with the back-up camera system and upgraded tailgate handle camera and also purchased the screen mirroring system. I took it to a shop nearby to have it installed and it took about a day to get everything connected properly. I got to say I’m very happy with the system itself and the fact that I can connect my phone and see whatever is on my phone on my original screen instead of having a separate screen.

  4. John & Jessie

    I purchased this backup camera system because my wife has been having issues with NOT hitting the trash cans when she’s backing up. Saw this system which was a bit cheaper then other on the market and overall looked good. Didn’t realize that my 2014 would also have the parking lines the move with the steering wheel OR that it would integrate with the parking sensors that came standard with the car. I took it to Best Buy because I saw another review saying they only charge $120 and I wasn’t disappointed at all. They knocked out the job in 3 hours which was great! I also upgraded to the tailgate handle camera to give it that OEM look. Overall very satisfied!

  5. BM12-X Car Play

    I’ve been searching for some time on adding a backup camera to my 2014 BMW 328i. I found some great info online like my system is the NBT system and all. I cam across you guys and saw this CarPlay add on feature so I thought why not? I was originally going to purchase a backup camera and a screen mirroring system separately but this was more than I imagined.

    This system literally had 3 parts to hook up the module. This big power harness that connected to my OEM harness, an LCD cable and the AUX/USB extension. Based on the previous review, I had Best Buy do the install and it was done in the same day. The Best Buy tech was even impressed by this system.

    So, not only do I have a fully functioning backup camera on my NBT system but I can now plug my phone in and get Apple CarPlay all on the screen itself. I literally select Google Maps and now have live traffic feed and can just say “Hey Siri” and voice an address which all shows on my screen. I even get turn by turn from the speakers. I’m honestly blown away by this system because BMW alone was originally quoting me $1,200 for JUST a backup camera and this system with installation was about $700!!!

    All my fellow BMW owner, if you want an ALL IN 1, this is it!

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