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OEM-Style 360 Adjustable Front/Side/Rear-View Camera


This 106S high quality waterproof camera with 360 degree rotation design can be installed with any one of our module systems to give you a fully adjustable backup camera when mounted on the rear bumper or spoiler of your vehicle. This camera is ideal for a front camera which can help squeeze into those tight garage parking spots. Built into the camera is a mirror option to change it from a rear camera to a front camera and you can also turn off the built in static parking guidelines.

The 106S camera can be used with ANY of our Rear-View Mirror LCD Systems or ANY of our OEM Integrated Backup Camera Systems as a Front, Side or Rear-View Backup Camera.

**Module System Must Have Additional AV Inputs**


1. Mirror / Non-Mirror Switcher (White Switch Wire)
2. Static Parking Guidelines (ON / OFF) Switcher (Green Switcher Wire)

TOYOTA Tundra OEM Integrated Apple CarPlay & Android Auto System


     Introducing our new Android Auto & Apple CarPlay Interface Systems. This system is designed for the 2014 – 2019 TOYOTA TUNDRA with the OEM PANASONIC radio command system (FACEPLATE #510113, 510401, 510395, 510285, 510119 and MODEL #86100-OC100, 86100-OC262, 86100-OC272, 86140-OC040, 86140-OC130, 86140-OC0190, 86140-OC191, 86140-OC201). Once our simple plug & play system is installed, you will retain CarPlay features onto your existing screen while still maintaining all OEM functions. Upgrade with our system instead of upgrading your entire radio command system for the most affordable OEM Integrated bang for your buck.

Android Auto & Apple CarPlay Example Screen

TOYOTA TUNDRA OEM Integrated Backup Camera System


This OEM Integrated TOYOTA Rear-View Camera kit fits all 2012-2013 TOYOTA TUNDRA models with Screen (Non-JBL). The system includes the factory TOYOTA harness that connects to the vehicle screen and the OEM style backup camera that integrates seamlessly.